New service announcement

SmartPay is excited to announce the new service of paying utility bills in Georgia! This is a most wanted service from all Georgians residing in Greece. You can now make payments towards services like the below and more: New lines home phone Television Super TV Wireless Phone (CDMA) Super TV pay with phone number DSL…

Network development announcement regarding the cooperation of SmartPay and the Greek Super Market chain, MARKET IN

SmartPay is delighted to announce the new business cooperation with Greek Super Market chain, MARKET IN! This will result in an increase of our service points, for the money-sending service, to more than 200 within Greece.

Updated information on the limitation of capital controls and money transfers

General limitations for sending remittances from Greece to foreign countries. Through SmartPay, you can send remittances abroad for up to € 4000, without any special documentation and approvals and for any purpose. How much money can you send? For each customer, the total transfer amount to be sent abroad can sum up to a total…

SmartPay Greece Support

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